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Agapanthus hybrid Midnight Sky ('DWAgHyb01') PP35,644

  • Agapanthus Midnight Sky
  • Agapanthus Midnight Sky
  • Agapanthus Midnight Sky
  • Agapanthus Midnight Sky
  • Agapanthus Midnight Sky
  • Agapanthus Midnight Sky


African lilies that never seem to stop blooming: that can only be the spectacular Agapanthus that are part of an ongoing breeding program by De Wet Plant Breeders and are known for long-lasting and repeat blooming - for an extended flowering period.

The intensely coloured Midnight Sky has not just intense colors: also its flowering is intense. Midnight Sky has a better growth rate than most Agapanthus and produces more flower heads. Both flowers and buds of Midnight Sky immediately catch the eye with their intense, dark purple-blue colors. Midnight Sky has an incredibly long flowering period with good rebloom, meaning you can enjoy the intense purple-blue flowers for months in a row.

Midnight Sky is the ideal Agapanthus to grow in pots and adds a spectacular dash of Mediterranean scenery to gardens. Midnight Sky will eventually reach around 32" high and 28" wide, making it a great choice for the perennial border, patio pots or mixed containers.

How to care for Agapanthus Midnight Sky:
Midnight Sky is heat and drought tolerant and has good disease-resistance. Place Midnight Sky in (full) sun and well-drained soil.

USDA zone: 8a

Key Points

1 Intense dark blue buds and flowers
2 More flower heads than others
3 Dense inflorescences
4 Long flowering period good re-bloom
5 Growing faster than other varieties
Breeder: De Wet Plant Breeders