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Ajuga reptans Princess Leia ('Asaaj3') PP33,082

  • Ajuga Princess Leia
  • Ajuga Princess Leia
  • Ajuga Princess Leia
  • Ajuga Princess Leia
  • Ajuga Princess Leia


Ajuga Princess Leia is a very popular ground-covering perennial. Perhaps she owes her popularity to the deep purple flowers and uniquely patterned leaves, or perhaps she’s loved for her contribution to biodiversity: bees are as big a fan of this heat tolerant Ajuga as people are.

Princess Leia is the ideal ground cover to add a splash of colour to shady corners (though she loves a spot in full sun just as much!). She’s an incredibly fast grower and her green and white variegated foliage is crowned with deep purple flowers in spring. Princess Leia has a low, compact habit which makes her perfectly suited for pots and containers on a patio or balcony as well.

How to care for Ajuga Princess Leia: This beautiful perennial prefers well-drained soil and a spot in the sun or (semi) shade. Princess Leia grows up to 6" high and 10" wide.

USDA zone: 5a

Key Points

1 Striking variegated foliage
2 Unique leaf pattern
3 Compact groundcover
4 Low maintenance
5 Attracts bees and butterflies
Breeder: Asanuma Engei, Co. Ltd.