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Ananas 'Mila' PP35,533

  • Ananas Mila
  • Ananas Mila
  • Ananas Mila
  • Ananas Mila
  • Ananas Mila


We are proud to welcome a highly edible ornamental pineapple to the market with bright red and purple foliage and red, edible fruits. Ananas Mila is the result of a long-term breeding program by a pineapple breeding expert, and will undoubtedly steal the show.

Ananas Mila is water-saving and grows foliage within the first 5-7 months, followed by fruit within the first 9-11 months. This makes it a fast-selling and fast-growing plant—easily programmable for growers. Ananas Mila is a sight to behold and maintains the foliage color very well. It is the perfect tropical addition to the dining table or patio.

How to care for Ananas Mila:
Ananas Mila grows up to 20" high and 36" wide and prefers a spot in full sun and well-drained soil. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

USDA zone:

Key Points

1 Bright red and purple foliage
2 Red edible fruits
3 Fast growing
4 Easily programmable
5 Indoor en outdoor use
Breeder: BOTANICA POP Ltd.