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Ceanothus L. Cool Blue ('Huico02') PP24,884

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  • Ceanothus-Cool Blue_Flower
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You either have it or you don’t. Ceanothus impressus ‘Cool Blue’ has it. This plant is cooler than cool with its handsome, blue looks. Cool Blue has striking silvery, variegated foliage. It has small, dark green leaves with cream white edges. This variety is a mutation of the very winter hardy Ceanothus Skylark. Cool Blue blooms abundantly with beautiful dark blue flowers. It truly deserves the name Cool Blue! Prune in summer. Plant in full sun in any type of soil. This Ceanothus blooms in spring with lightly fragrant flowers. Cool Blue has a compact size of 28" high and 16" wide. This plant looks very cool as solitary on your terrace or balcony, in plant borders or in mixed containers. Did you know that Cool Blue won a golden medal at Plantarium 2015? Pretty cool, isn’t it?

USDA zone: 6b

Key Points

1 Variegated foliage
2 Powdery blue flowers
3 Compact habit
4 Low maintenance
5 Full sun


Ceanothus L. Cool Blue winner of:
  • Gold Medal Plantarium 2015
    Gold Medal Plantarium 2015
Breeder: Huisman Boomkwekerij B.V.