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Chelone obliqua Tiny Tortuga ('Armtipp02') PP25,350

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  • 2012
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Chelone Tiny Tortuga is a very pretty, compact Chelone with pink flowers that contrast beautifully with its dark green leaves. Tiny Tortuga flowers in the summer and grows up to 24" high and 12" wide. It prefers a spot in de sun or semi shade in a moist soil. Hardy to USDA Zone 4a. It is disease tolerant and low maintenace. You can place Tiny Tortuga in the perennial border, on the balcony or in mixed containers. Also excellent for landscaping and mass planting.

USDA zone: 4a

Key Points

1 Compact
2 Dark green leaves
3 Large flowers
4 Disease tolerant
5 Low maintenance
Breeder: Armada