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Clematis Pernille ('Zo09113') PP27,172

  • Clematis Pernille
  • Clematis Pernille
  • Clematis Pernille
  • Clematis Pernille


Clematis Pernille stands out as a true gem when it comes to adding a splash of elegance and vibrant color to your garden. This remarkable variety captivates with its striking bi-colored flowers—pristine white blossoms adorned with purple edges that create a visual spectacle unlike any other. Clematis Pernille is free-flowering, flowers all through summer into autumn and boasts its beautiful flowers upright-facing, which is somewhat unusual for clematis varieties that typically have nodding heads or sideways-facing blooms. This feature ensures that the gorgeous bi-colored petals are in full view, making them even more of an eye-catcher in any garden setting.

This gold-medal-winning Clematis keeps its bright colors very well, with very little to no fading: the stunning contrast between the white and purple edges remains vivid throughout the blooming period. But Pernille isn’t just about looks; it's also incredibly hardy, capable of thriving in at least zone 5 conditions, and very easy to grow, propagate, and prune.

How to care for Clematis Pernille:
Clematis Pernille is hardy to at least zone 5, flowers from June to September and prefers a spot in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Pernille can be pruned according to Clematis pruning group 3.

USDA zone: 5b

Key Points

1 Striking bi-colored flowers
2 Very little to no fading of flower color
3 Almost upright facing flowers
4 Flowers all through summer into autumn
5 Easy to grow and propagate
Breeder: J. van Zoest B.V.