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Delosperma Desert Dancers Purple ('21-17') PPAF

  • Delosperma Desert Dancers Purple
  • Delosperma Desert Dancers Purple
  • Delosperma Desert Dancers Purple
  • Delosperma Desert Dancers Purple


After the worldwide success of the Delosperma Ocean Sunset, Sun Diamonds, Wheels of Wonder and Jewel of Desert series, Koichiro is ready to bring the next game changer to the market. The new Delosperma Desert Dancers stand out within the assortment with their unique, intense dark red foliage that enhances the landscape's visual appeal even without flowers!

The vibrant red foliage adds drama to the landscape, but once the intensely coloured flowers appear, it creates the most striking focal point. Desert Dancers flowers abundantly, and combined with the captivating foliage, it makes for a year-round visual impact in the (rock) garden, mixed containers, perennial borders or green roofs. As if that’s not enough, the neat, mound-forming habit makes these Delosperma perfect for hanging baskets.

How to care for Delosperma Desert Dancers:
Delosperma Desert Dancers are heat- and drought-tolerant, water-saving, easy to grow, and low maintenance. Plant in full sun and well-drained soil.

USDA zone: 5a

Key Points

1 Unique intense dark red foliage
2 Flowers are an eye-catcher
3 Year-round ornamental value
4 Abundant flowering
5 Drought tolerant water-saving
Breeder: Florsaika Breeding B.V.