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Dryopteris wallichiana Jurassic Gold ('Hollasic') PP32,735

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Ferns exist already for a very, very long time and there are many varieties. Dryopteris Jurassic Gold however, is a unique fern that has an excellent spring foliage colour. The young shoots are golden orange fading to bright golden-yellow and green. With its foliage color, Jurassic Gold brightens up shaded places in the garden or on the terrace. Jurassic Gold grows about 24” tall and 18” wide. Plant Jurassic Gold in a humus rich, moist soil. It performs well in zone 5 – 9 and so far, no diseases have been observed. Remove the dead leaves of this deciduous plant after winter.

USDA zone: 6a

Key Points

1 Zone 5-9
2 Great for containers and gardens
3 Excellent spring foliage color
4 Excellent shade plant
5 No diseases observed so far
Breeder: Genesis Plant Marketing Ltd.

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