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Lychnis arkwrightii Scarlet O'Hara ('Pmoore05') PP25,460

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  • 2020


The new border plant and pot plant Lychnis Scarlet O'Hara brings to mind the beautiful actress from the romantic film 'Gone with the wind'. Get this spirited movie star with large, scarlet flowers and dark tinted leaves quickly for your garden. From June to October you can enjoy the star-shaped flowers; they seem to be luminous. The velvety, warm red draws all the attention, just like a film diva. Bright colours are the trend. This new plant should therefore not be missing in your border or in a pot on your patio. You can make trendy combinations with white and purple flowers. This newcomer combines also very well with grey-green leaves.
Not only the flowers of this particular Lychnis steal the show, also the purplish leaf is particularly graceful. Therefore, Lychnis Scarlet O'Hara is decorative even before the flowering. The strikingly colored flowers are wonderful in combination with the dark leaves. The growth is compact and evenly, the sturdy stems are up to 20". Ideal for small gardens and pots or trays! Lychnis Scarlet O'Hara flowers every year and is hardy to USDA Zone 4. Plant this strong perennial preferably in full sun in a permeable, nutrient-rich soil. Protect young plants at the beginning of the season with slug pellets.

USDA zone: 4a

Key Points

1 Reblooming when cut back after first flowering
2 Compact
3 Low maintenance
4 Freely flowering with large red flowers
5 Purple-green foliage
Breeder: Peter R. Moore