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Miscanthus sinensis Red Cloud ('EMPMIS01') PP30,802

Ornamental grasses
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Miscanthus sinensis Red Cloud® is as ornamental as ornamental grass can be! ‘Red Cloud’ is selected for its appealing red flower plumes. This variety has a compact size of max. 40" high, which makes its abundantly flowering and bright colored plumes stand out even more! ‘Red Cloud’ is easy to maintain. Winter hardy to USDA Zone 6a. It performs well in sun or partial shade and is not fussy about soil. ‘Red Cloud’ makes an excellent ornamental grass hedge or wind screen. Also suitable as solitary on terraces and patios, for mass planting and plant borders.We are on cloud nine with the heavenly Miscanthus sinensis Red Cloud®!

USDA zone: 6a

Key Points

1 Red flower plumes
2 Abundant flowering
3 Compact habit
4 Maintenance-friendly
5 Winter hardy


Miscanthus sinensis Red Cloud winner of:
  • Bronze Medal Plantarium 2016
    Bronze Medal Plantarium 2016
Breeder: Empho B.V.

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