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Sempervivum Colorockz™ Ruby Lime ('Belsemcha1') PPAFPending

  • Sempervivum Ruby Lime
  • Sempervivum Ruby Lime
  • Sempervivum Ruby Lime


Bright colours that change through the seasons, a strong root system and a compact habit: that can only be another Belgicactus Sempervivum introduction! Sempervivum Colorockz™ Ruby Lime is already famous for her spectacular colour change. In spring and summer she’ll boast bright lime-green colors, changing to a dark pink in fall and a warm, burgundy purple in winter.

As all Belgicactus Sempervivum, Colorockz™ Ruby Lime is very suitable to be grown outdoors: even in very cold winter months. She has a strong root system and well-branched habit and will surprise with delightful pink flowers in late spring. A compact size, stunning colours and incredible outdoor performance: perfectly suited for pots and mixed containers.

How to care for Sempervivum Colorockz™ Ruby Lime:
Colorockz™ Ruby Lime is evergreen, water-wise, drought-tolerant and very easy to look after. She will grow up to 4" high and 6" wide, thrives in sandy, well-drained soil and will feel at her best in the sun or partial shade.

USDA zone: 6b

Key Points

1 Compact size and strong plant
2 Well-branched
3 Strong root system
4 Changes color throughout the seasons
5 Very suitable for outdoors
Breeder: Belgicactus bvba