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Tecomaria capensis Cape Town Orange ('DWOY001') PP31,012

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  • Tecomaria-Cape Town Orange_Flower
  • Tecomaria-Cape Town Orange_Flower
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The Cape Town Tecomaria series offers a lot of colour for your garden! These Tecomaria have a long flowering period. They flower all summer and in tropical areas they rebloom all year long. The bell shaped flowers come in vibrant and bright colors. The Cape Town Tecomaria are more compact than other varieties. They are not susceptible to diseases and are heat, drought and wind resistant. It’s a water-wise plant that is also fast growing. This offers lots of possibilities for Mediterranean gardens, water-wise gardens, bee and butterfly gardens and even for hedges! Plant the Cape Town Tecomaria in full sun in a well-drained soil. Tecomaria Cape Town Orange has bright orange flowers and becomes about 60” tall and 72” wide.

USDA zone: 9a

Key Points

1 More compact than other varieties
2 Flowers all summer
3 Not susceptible to diseases
4 Heat and drought resistant
5 Fast-growing
Breeder: De Wet Plant Breeders