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Trachelospermum jasminoides Star of Toscane ('Selbra') PP20,278

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Bring the summer feeling in your garden with this hardy star jasmine ‘Star of Toscane’. Flowers very rich with sweet smelling, yellow flowers. ‘Star of Toscane’ flowers from early summer until the fall. The ‘Star of Toscane’ is hardy to -0.4° F, becomes 79" high and 59" wide. The ‘Star of Toscane’ prefers a sunny spot or partial shade, in a neutral, fertile, well-drained soil. Furthermore, the ‘Star of Toscane’ is drought tolerant and requires an average amount of water (not too wet).

USDA zone: 6b

Key Points

1 Golden flowers
2 Freely flowering
3 Sweet scent
4 Glossy green
5 Winterhardy
Breeder: Flores in Terra B.V./ Boomkwekerij Jos Selten