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Ulmus parviflora DannaSpire ('Davesstraightup') PP31,914

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Ulmus DannaSpire is a great tree for hedges, streets and urban plantings. It has small leaves that turn yellow-orange in fall and that color lasts long into the season! The upright branch tips do not splay with age. The special type of bark is visible after several years: it tends to curl in strips en reveals beautiful patches of orange, grey and white. DannaSpire is very hardy and disease resistant against Dutch elm disease and elm yellows. The resistance to Dutch elm disease is typical for this species. Ulmus DannaSpire is also tolerant to different conditions like wind, snow, rain, drought and even air pollution. Plant DannaSpire in any, well-drained soil. It prefers a moist soil but can resist dry soil as well. DannaSpire can be placed in full sun to partial shade.

USDA zone: 5a

Key Points

1 Columnar tight upright habit
2 Fine foliage
3 Yellow-orange long lasting autumn color
4 Beautiful flaking bark
5 Disease resitant
Breeder: Dannaher Landscaping Inc.