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Cordyline australis Pink Star ('TUS019') PP30,652

  • Cordyline Pink Star
  • Cordyline Pink Star
  • Cordyline Pink Star
  • Cordyline Pink Star


Cordyline Pink Star is a striking plant with the variegated, pink and red coloured foliage. The growth habit is similar to Red Star. Pink Star stays compact and becomes about 28" tall and 20" wide. Plant Pink Star in full sun in a fertile, well permeable soil. Cordyline Pink Star is suitable as a garden plant but also very well applicable as a solitary or in a mixed container on balcony or terrace.

USDA zone: 9b

Key Points

1 Pink-red variegated leaves
2 Growth habit same as Red Star
3 Compact
Breeder: Tuszynscy Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Grzegorz Tuszynski